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Stinson PTand our School Wellness Team devottimanefforeach year tencourage students to pursue healthy lifestyles. Healthkids are absent less often, experience fewer behavior problems and have an easier time learning while at school.


The Stinson Wellness Team includes our Coaches, Nurse, Counselor, Chef, a classroom teacher and a member of the PTA. This team meets 4 times a year to discuss health and wellness topics for ouschool, staff and community. In addition, they provide fun, educatioand fitness programs to address the nutrition and physical activity needs of our students at home and school.







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Healthy Zone School (HZS) Program – In 2015, Stinson was proud to be selected for the Healthy Zone School Recognition Program sponsored by The Cooper Institute and The United Way of Dallas. HZS recognizes and rewards schools for their healthy practices, and helps physical education teachers increase the health knowledge and physical activity of students to create healthier school environments.  Studies show that schools in the program display higher STAAR reading and math scores and attendance rates than those at other public schools in the region.
This year, Stinson was promoted from a “Healthy School in Training” to a “Healthy Zone School” and will maintain that rating for the next three-year period!
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