Congrats to our January Star: Sonali Patnaik!


Sonali has taken on the titan task of co-chairing Book Fair this year! Sonali has been a Stinson volunteer for many years, and enjoys helping out at the class parties. She admits that Book Fair is her favorite though! Sonali is married, and has two sons, Akhil in 2nd grade, and a son at Otto in 6th. She says that she unfortunately has little time for hobbies these days but joined the Junior League of Richardson last year and volunteers when she can. She received her Undergrad and attended Law School at UT Austin. She works as an attorney at Patnaik Law Office, PLLC. Outside of volunteering at Stinson she says her favorite things to do are “reading, hiking, and hanging out at the neighborhood pool.” 

Congrats Sonali for all your hard work!


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2017-2018 Volunteers of the Month 

September 2017:  Alice Chiu

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We are so thankful to our community partners for their generosity!